Our thanks to all participants for making this tremendous program possible.

Please Note: No registration is needed for the conference. Simply join us!


William Doo Auditorium: 45 Willcocks

WI (Wilson Hall): 40 Willcocks

WE (Wetmore Hall): Down the path next to 20 Willcocks

Schedule:   Day 1   |   Day 2   |   Day 3

Day 1: Friday Sept 20

10: Coffee Service / Light Breakfast

10:30-11:30: Plenary – William Doo Auditorium

Deborah Britzman, An unexpected novelty”: Reading Freud’s technique papers with the arrival of pedagogy.

11:45-1:30: Session 1

Panel 1: Transsexualities – William Doo Auditorium

Chair: Chloe Brushwood-Rose

    • Trish Salah, The Return to Schreber? Autogynophilic Phantasy and Transgender Theory in Freud, Bailey and Binnie
    • Oren Gozlen, From Freud’s Theory of Polymorphous Sexuality to Transsexuality: Psychoanalysis Today
    • Patricia Elliot, Lacanian Analysis and Transsexuality: Take 2
    • Sheila Cavanagh, Transsexualist Jouissance

Panel 2: Freud and The Drive – Wilson Hall Rm. 2053

Chair: Sara Matthews

    • Macy Todd, A Discourse of Need: Freud and the Contemporary Situation of Famine
    • Kurt Newman, The Dark Satanic Treadmill: Death Drive, Productivism and the Capitalist Unconscious
    • Randall Terada,  Politics of the Death Drive, Ethics of the Real

1:40 – 2:30: Lunch on your own

2:30-3:30: Plenary – William Doo Auditorium

Allan Pero, A Colophon of Night: Analysis and Its Insistences

3:30 – 3:45: Break

3:45-5:15: Session 2

Panel 3: Hysteria, Gender and The Father – Wilson Hall Rm. 2053

Chair: Jen Gilbert

    • Kathryn Simpson, The Freudian Legacy: Male Hysteria
    • Megha Sehdev, Fantasy and Technicality: The Intercutting of Gendered Genres in Freud’s Dora and in Indian Domestic Violence Law
    • Gozde Kilic, Where the Father is All Too Alive: Reflexivity, Detraditionalization, and the Paternal Crisis in Freud’s Case Histories

Panel 4: The Figure of the Child – Wetmore Hall Rm. 54E

Chair: Hannah Dyer

    • Lisa Farley and Aparna Mishra-Tarc, Drawing Trauma: The Visual Vocabulary of War
    • Charles Wells, Kid Logic and Little Big Others: The Image of the Innocent Child

5:30-6:30: Plenary – William Doo Auditorium

Clive Thomson, The Speaking Body, Jouissance, and savoir parlé in Lacan’s Seminar XX (Encore)

6:30 – 8: Catered Wine Reception: William Doo Atrium

Day 2: Saturday Sept 21

8:30: Coffee Service

9-10: Plenary – William Doo Auditorium

Clint Burnham, Does the Internet have an Unconscious?

10:15-11:45: Session 1

Panel 5: Psychoanalysis and Education – Wilson Hall Rm. 2053

Chair: Sara Matthews

    • Karyn Sandlos, On the Emotional Situation of Making an Educational Film
    • David Lewkowich, Catachresis: The Question of Forgetting in Teacher Education
    • Tamara Bibby, Orange Peel and Chocolates: Hatred and Gratitude in Learning From/While Teaching

Panel 6: Historical Interpretations – Wilson Hall Rm. 2008

Chair: James Penney

    • Lucas Richert and Adam Montgomery, Osmond’s Interview: Schizophrenia, Sixties Psychiatry and the Jungian Typology
    • Lana Lin, Lost Objects: Bergasse 19 and Absence in the Space of Psychoanalysis
    • Michelle Duncan, Freud Contra Wagner

11:45 – 1: Lunch on your own

1-2: Plenary – William Doo Auditorium

Jeanne Randolph, MUDDLING FREUD: psychoanalysis and creativity

2:15-3:45: Session 2

Panel 7: Free Associations: Wastelands, Brainstorms and Trophies of War – Wilson Hall Rm. 2008

Chair: Sara Matthews

    • RM Kennedy, Freud’s Ecological Unconscious: Learning from Discarded Content
    • H. James Garrett, Free Association, Brainstorming and the Pedagogical Situation
    • Sara Matthews, “The Trophies of Their Wars”: Free Association as Cultural Analysis

Panel 8: Rethinking Freud through Literature – Wilson Hall Rm. 2053

Chair: James Penney

    • Adina Balint-Babos, “L’experience de l’affect”, Freud et la litterature (WG Sebald and Annie Ernaux)
    • Christien Garcia, What is Silence?” A Reading of Jane Austen’s Persuasion
    • Iulian Toma, Presences de Freud dans les essais de pascal Quignard

3:45 – 4: Break

4-5: Plenary – William Doo Auditorium

Eric Cazdyn, The Worldly Clinic

5-5:15: Break

5:15-6:45: Session 3

Panel 9: Psychoanalysis and the Embodied Subject – Wilson Hall Rm. 2008

Chair: Dina Georgis

    • Eleanor MacDonald, Property Guise: Anti-Indigenous Racism and Disavowals of Desire
    • Yeung Cheuk Fung Wayne, Politicizing the psyche: Kinships in Freud, Engels and beyond
    • Charmaine Eddy, Freud’s Legacy to Race: A Symptomatology of Skin

Panel 10: Practice of the Letter and Petit a – Wilson Hall Rm. 2053

Chair: James Penney

    • Victoria I. Burke, Hermes, God of Recognition: Hegel with Lacan
    • Julia Huggins, The Love of Small Differences: Narcissism in Mildred Pearce

6:45: Enjoy a night on your own in Toronto!

Day 3: Sunday Sept 22

8:30: Coffee Service

9-10: Plenary – William Doo Auditorium

Mari Ruti, When Forgiveness Is Not an Option: Arguing with Judith Butler

10:15-11:45: Session 1

Panel 11: Philosophical Discussions – Wilson Hall Rm. 2053

Chair: Sara Matthews

    • Ryan Artrip, The Politics of Psychoanalysis after Postmodernism: Repression, Power and Imagination
    • Bradley Murray, Enjoying our Discontent: Pleasure and the Sublime in Freud and Kant

Panel 12: Psychoanalysis and The Question of Symbolization – William Doo Auditorium

Chair: Dina Georgis

    • Eilon Shomron-Atar, Psychoanalysis Without Metaphors
    • Dina Georgis, Psychoanalytic Knowledge and the Aesthetic Archive
    • Hannah Dyer and David K. Seitz, The Dead Stay in our hearts because we love them – aesthetic reparation in monsieur lazhar

11:45 – 1: Lunch on your own. Working lunch for Board Meeting.

1-2: Plenary – William Doo Auditorium

Judith Hamilton, Lacan in Practice

2:15-3:45: Session 2

Panel 13: Queer Sexualities – Wilson Hall Rm. 2053

Chair: Dina Georgis

    • Jen Gilbert, The Defended Subject: Sexuality and The Limits of Research
    • Angela Facundo, The Paranoid Imperative and Queer Reparative: Psychoanalysis and Timothy Findley’s The Wars
    • Tyler Carson, Psychoanalysis and Queer Negativity

Panel 14: Love and Lovers – Wetmore Hall Rm. 54G

Chair: Sara Matthews

    • Christine Evans, Drive as Sublime Object
    • Ricky Varghese, Toward a Theory of Revolutionary Love in Psychoanalysis
    • Martin Zeilinger, “Dreamlo-lo-lover where are you-u-u” Sampling as Analysis, Sampling as Symptom

3:40 – 4: Break

4-5:15: Closing Remarks & Plenary – William Doo Auditorium

James Penney, Antisocial or Immortal? On the Death Drive in Queer Theory